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# Status Title Posted Date Due Commodity
RFP-21-002 Cancelled Professional Services for the Development of an Updated Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and Continuity of Government (COG) Plan for the County of Passaic 01/07/2021 01/29/2021 Purchasing - Requests for Proposals Specifications and Announcements
SB-20-065 Rejected Passaic County Sheriff's Department-Mounted Unit Horse Feed and Bedding Supplies 12/10/2020 01/05/2021 Purchasing - Law Enforcement/Jail
RFQ-21-056 Cancelled Re-Bid Pulmonologists for PHC 11/16/2020 12/03/2020 Purchasing - Preakness Healthcare Center
RFQ-21-051 Cancelled Psychiatrists for PHC 11/11/2020 11/20/2020 Purchasing - Preakness Healthcare Center
RFQ-21-047 Rejected Psychological Examinations to Establish Fitness for Duty for the Passaic County Sheriff's Department 11/10/2020 11/25/2020 Purchasing - Law Enforcement/Jail
RFQ-21-029 Rejected Pulmonologist for Preakness Healthcare Center 10/22/2020 11/05/2020 Purchasing - Preakness Healthcare Center
RFQ-21-030 Rejected Wound Specialist Physcians for Preakness Healthare Center 10/22/2020 11/05/2020 Purchasing - Preakness Healthcare Center
RFQ-21-010 Rejected Consultant Services for Passaic County Board of Tax 10/13/2020 10/23/2020 Purchasing - Board of Taxation Announcements
RFQ-21-017 Rejected Dentists for Preakness Helathcare Center 10/13/2020 10/28/2020 Purchasing - Preakness Healthcare Center
RFQ-21-017 Cancelled Dentists for Preakness Healthcare Center 10/13/2020 10/28/2020
C-20-025 Rejected Carriage House Restoration and Rehabilitation 10/12/2020 11/05/2020 Purchasing - Construction Projects
SB-20-047 Rejected Motor Pumps Inspection, Overhaul, Rewind, and Repair 09/16/2020 09/29/2020 Purchasing - Facilities, Buildings and Grounds
SB-20-027 Rejected Electricity Generation Supply Service for the Participating Members of the Passaic County Energy Regional Cooperative Princing System (PCERCPS) ID 203PCERPS 09/08/2020 10/07/2020 Purchasing - Current Bids
SB-20-044 Rejected Heavy Duty Wheel Alignment System for Road Department 09/04/2020 09/16/2020 Purchasing - Roads Division
SB-20-042 Rejected Re-Bid Two (2) 2020 APC Symmetra LX 1600 UPS Systems 08/27/2020 09/15/2020
C-20-019 Rejected Restoration and Rehabilitation of Lambert Castle 08/21/2020 08/21/2020 Purchasing - Construction Projects
C-20-020 Rejected Rehabilitation and Renovation of the Carriage House at Lambert Castle 08/21/2020 08/21/2020 Purchasing - Construction Projects
SB-20-031 Rejected Passaic County Road Materials District 2 07/24/2020 08/06/2020 Purchasing - Roads Division
C-20-017 Rejected Restoration and Rehabilitation of Lambert Castle and Carriage House 07/02/2020 07/02/2020 Purchasing - Construction Projects
RFP-20-020 Rejected Re-bid 2020-2023 Passaic County Comprehesive Plan for Addiction Services (Instensive Outpatient Treatment Services) 07/01/2020 07/23/2020 Purchasing - Human Services Grants and Programs
RFP-20-017 Rejected Third Party Administrator for General Liability and Workers’ Compensation Claims 06/22/2020 07/31/2020 Purchasing - Requests for Proposals Specifications and Announcements
SB-20-021 Cancelled Expand Pool-Electrical Supplies Catalog % Discount Pricing for the County of Passaic Departments and Institutions 05/22/2020 06/09/2020 Purchasing - Electrical, Lamps, Fixtures, and Related Material
SB-20-017 Rejected Discount pricing – Irrigation and Drainage Supplies for the County of Passaic Preakness Valley Golf Course 03/13/2020 05/07/2020 Purchasing - Parks/Golf Course
RFQ-20-063 Rejected Re-Bid Burial and Mortuary Services for the County of Passaic Calendar Year 2020 02/14/2020 02/26/2020 Purchasing - Requests for Qualifications Professional and Exempt Services
SB-20-009 Cancelled Re-bid Four (4) 30022 VRJ Washer-Extractor and two (2) AD-80I 80 lb Capacity Dryer for the Passaic County Jail 12/23/2019 01/09/2020 Purchasing - Law Enforcement/Jail
RFP-20-001 Rejected Preakness Healthcare Center Billing Consultant Services 12/09/2019 01/03/2020 Purchasing - Requests for Proposals Specifications and Announcements
SB-19-030 Rejected Re-Bid Pick Up & Disposal Of All Solid Waste, Located at Passaic County Buildings & Institutions and Delivered To A Licensed Disposal Site 04/24/2019 05/07/2019 Purchasing - Current BidsRecycling/Waste Management
SB-19-019 Rejected Inspection and Monitoring of County Security Systems Including Burglar Alarms Fire and CCTV Systems 03/18/2019 03/29/2019 Purchasing - Current Bids
RFP-19-009 Rejected Professional Consulting Services to Create and Develop a Marketing and Tourism Campaign for Passaic Coumty 02/15/2019 03/12/2019 Purchasing - Current BidsPurchasing - Cultural and Historic Affairs
RFP-19-002 Cancelled Fiber Optic Design and Installation 11/23/2018 12/13/2018