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# Status Title Posted Date Due Commodity
C-21-002 Current Goffle Brook Park - Rea Avenue Athletic Improvements 04/16/2021 05/07/2021 Purchasing - Construction Projects
SB-21-038 Current Passaic County Uniforms 04/15/2021 05/11/2021 Purchasing - Parks/Golf Course
SB-21-039 Current Door Mat Rental Services 04/15/2021 04/28/2021 Purchasing - Facilities, Buildings and Grounds
SB-21-035 Current Split Rail Fencing Supplies 04/12/2021 04/27/2021 Purchasing - Parks/Golf Course
RFQ-21-089 Current Contract Administrator and Monitoringfor the Passaic County Jail Healthcare Services Expand the Pool 04/12/2021 04/21/2021 Purchasing - Law Enforcement/Jail
C-21-003 Current Elevator Modernization and Rehabilitation Passaic County Court House and Jail 04/09/2021 05/11/2021 Purchasing - Construction Projects
SB-21-025 Current White and Dry Goods for the County of Passaic Institutions and Departments 04/06/2021 04/20/2021 Purchasing - Law Enforcement/Jail
SB-21-037 Current Individual GPS Tracking Device for Autistic, Elderly or Medical Need Citizens 04/05/2021 04/20/2021 Purchasing - Law Enforcement/Jail
C-21-009 Current ADA Compliant Curb Ramps along Ringwood Avenue in the Borough of Pompton Lakes 03/24/2021 04/20/2021 Purchasing - Construction Projects
C-21-007 Current Preakness Healthcare Center Unit 3 Wander Installation 03/18/2021 05/06/2021 Purchasing - Construction Projects
C-21-008 Current Preakness Healthcare Center HVAC Upgrades 03/18/2021 05/06/2021 Purchasing - Construction Projects
C-21-006 Current Vehicle Storage Building 03/15/2021 04/21/2021 Purchasing - Construction Projects